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A large number of the "lost houses" stands just across the highway from O'Fallon Park. Some evidence of residential streets remains here. These houses may have had some connection to O'Fallon Park before the highway went in, though even then the steep slope up the park bluff would have been an obstacle.

This tiny house stands on Prescott Avenue, on a triangular block bounded by Athlone and Red Bud.

On the same block, almost back-to-back with the white house above, a stock red brick 2-story stands abandoned, facing N. Broadway and the highway embankment.

E. Athlone Street, north of Prescott, almost gives the feeling of a small-town or rural environment. Empty lots are overgrown and sport towering trees. In the middle of the block, a small cluster of white-painted wood-frame houses remains, still home to a handful of residents. Around them, light industry presses in on all sides - across the alley and across the street.

April 2010 - the large house next door is gone.

E. Holly Avenue shows the total transformation of this neighborhood. Two ragged frame houses survive, the former in industrial service, the later fire-damaged and abandoned. All the lots between them have been consumed by a single giant warehouse building.

On the same block, facing Prescott Avenue, these four wood frame houses stood in the summer of 2006. They had vanished by 2008.

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