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March 2001

November 2008. Remodelings, business turnovers, and streetscape improvements have greatly altered the block.

1300 block - north

A row of four small-scale commercial buildings that have seen numerous changes since I first photographed them in 2000.

March 2001

May 2003

November 2005

November 2008

November 2008

1315-1317 Washington Avenue


Architect: William Levy, prior to 1919

Business here in 2000 included Anatol's Fabric Outlet and C.C. Company Fashion Wholesale. Both were gone by 2003, with a costume and vintage clothing company replacing them. A renovation in 2005 restored the building's stucco facade. Businesses in the storefronts in 2008 included Kenary Park Florist, and a pub called the Side Bar.

1319 Washington Avenue


In 2000, 1319 was home to "Midco Trading". The storefront sat empty for some years; by 2008, white paint and a remuddled street facade had given way to more fitting colors and design.

March 2001

November 2008

1325 Washington Avenue

Architect: W.H. Green, 1919

Little has changed in eight years at 1321. The Mankofsky Shoe Company may look like it went out of business years ago, but in fact they're still going, running a wholesale operation behind their blank storefront windows, as they have since the 1970s.

Link: Mankofsky Shoe Company web site

March 2001

November 2008

1327 Washington Avenue

1921 (?)

In 2000, the building at the corner of 14th and Washington was vacant and careworn, half-buried under bad remodelings. In 2008, it stands totally renovated, with the Gelateria operating out of it. A long-covered window has even been re-opened on the party wall.

Link: The Gelateria web site