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A pre-renovation closeup that captures some of the streamlined modernist aesthetic.

Woolworth Building
The building was slated for redevelopment in 2004, and renovation activity began; however, a lawsuit against the TIF financing that was supporting the development brought it to a halt. The developers pulled out and the building sat empty for another two years. Bidders were solicited October 2006 to attempt the redevelopment again; plans tentatively called for retail on the ground floor, office space on the second floor, and residential on top, possibly connected to the Continental Building.

The St. Louis Business Journal reported at the end of 2006 that a developer has been selected, with plans to convert the building to office and retail. A banner hung outside for several years, announcing the coming of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to the building; the organization had been planning for several years to lease part of the space.

But the final renovation caught me by surprise. Driving past one evening in August 2008, I was shocked to find the building was completely renovated and open for business.

The renovation is a class act, too. Neon striping enhances the building's streamline interior, while inside, shapely and stylized furniture adds to its period look, while still remaining visibly contemporary.

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