Rob's Pile of Transformers: Fan Fiction

This little pile is where I throw all the Transformer stories that I manage to finish. The stories I write are set specifically in the comics or cartoon (G1 + Beast Wars; so far Beast Machines hasn't been an isssue either way) universes. Though I regard the two continuities as separate and utterly irreconciliable, some of the stories are vague and short enough that they could fit in either one. I try not to alter anything canon; the only real changes I make are allowing a few characters that were killed in the Generation 2 comics to still be alive, and even those changes are of the sort that can be explained without "undoing" any events shown in the comics.

If any backstory's necessary to understand what's going on, I generally throw it in before the story, so don't worry if you're not 100% up to speed on your Transformers history.

I welcome comments and especially constructive critcism; drop me a line if you have either one.

Comic Universe stories

  • A Flaw in the Jewel
    Timeframe: pre-G1 (creation of Cybertron)
    Length: 7 K
    Completed: January 1997
    Summary: A very short and somewhat surreal story. Explores a pivitol moment in the Tranformers' history.

  • The Neutral Alliance
    Timeframe: Approx. 4 million years ago
    Length: 80 K
    Completed: January 2001
    Summary: A group of neutral Transformers bands together to try and do something about the all-consuming war on Cybertron.

  • Something to Do
    Timeframe: some time after Issue #24 (1986)
    Length: 10 K
    Completed: October 1998
    Summary: A day in the life of Blast-Off.

  • Time Alone
    Timeframe: somewhere between 41 and 48 (1987)
    Length: 5 K
    Completed: May 1998
    Summary: A very short non-story, written to answer a challenge to write a story that committed none of my so-called fanfic cliches. Beachcomber... well, combs the beach. Like, wow, man.

  • Blue Thoughts
    Timeframe: before issue 54 (1988)
    Length: 27 K
    Completed: March 1997
    Summary: Splashdown and Waverider go on a solo mission in the Pacific Ocean. Not my best; it was mainly an excuse to play with some characters that I like. Also has the Battlechargers in it. Heh heh.

  • No Getting Away
    Timeframe: after issue 79 (1991)
    Length: 38 K
    Completed: January 1999
    Summary: Told by a member of the Autobot invasion force landing on Klo.

  • A Parting of Ways
    Timeframe: after G2 #12 (1994)
    Length: 16 K
    Completed: September 2001
    Summary: With the Swarm and the Cybertronians gone, what will Megatron do next?

  • The Corrosion of War Without End
    Timeframe: post-G2 (2000-1)
    Length: 750 K, in about 30 parts (frames page. Click here for no frames.)
    Completed: originally, September 1996; re-written, March 1998
    Summary: My first, longest and still favorite fanfic. "Corrosion" follows the adventures of a group of latter-generation Autobots, fighting the Transformers' war on an interstellar scale.

  • The Razor's Edge
    Timeframe: a few months after "Corrosion" (2001)
    Length: 56 K
    Completed: June 1999
    Summary: Iso and the other Quanticons find themselves in a rather tight fix, and conflict ensues as they try to get out of it.

  • A Night Under the Stars
    Timeframe: about a year after "Corrosion" (2002)
    Length: 20 K
    Completed: June 1998
    Summary: A short story excerpted from the under-development sequel to "Corrosion of War". (No, it's still not done. Not even close. Cut me a break, eh?) Pixel and Treadmark discuss life, the universe, and everything.

Cartoon Universe stories

  • Peaceful Warfare
    Timeframe: after Season 1 episode "Heavy Metal War" (1984)
    Length: 72 K
    Completed: January 1999
    Summary: Megatron tests out a radically new approach to getting what he wants -- much to the Autobots' confusion.

  • The Lurkers
    Timeframe: after Season 2/before the Movie (1998)
    Length: 27 K
    Completed: September, 1998
    Summary: Blaster and Soundwave team up to stop an unusual menace. Inspired by the Hell Flame Wars invasion of

  • Shadow of Obligation
    Timeframe: post-Season 3 (2020 or so)
    Length: 14 K
    Completed: November 1998
    Summary: Based on a story from the comics, and inspired by the Tales of the Intermezzo series, authored by Dave Van Domelen. Two old friends say goodbye, possibly for the last time...

  • Night Work
    Timeframe: some time before Beast Wars (2300 AD)
    Length: 9 K
    Completed: February 1999
    Summary: A short story, about what one of my favorite comic characters might be up to in the Beast Wars Universe. Like "Shadow of Obligation", it's set in the "Tales of the Intermezzo" universe (Dave Van Domelen's inspiration.)

  • Other Consequences
    Timeframe: during Beast Wars Season 2 (23?? AD)
    Length: 31 K
    Completed: January 2001
    Summary: A tale from Tigatron and Airazor's exploratory journey.

Character Profiles

Links to Transformers Universe-style bios of the original characters from my fanfics, including the cast of "Corrosion of War", "The Neutral Alliance", "The Razor's Edge", and "A Night Under the Stars".


Transformer Fan Fiction: A Long-Winded Dissertation

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