Welcome, humans, to

General Scavenger's Domain of Evil And Stuff Like That!!

Well, all the humans have web sites; why shouldn't an evil living robot from the planet Cybertron have one too?

Here is a picture of me. My Horde of Mindless Drones, who are the best Horde of Mindless Drones in the entire galaxy, look very similar to me, except of course they aren't quite as handsome.

Here are some pages about the Maximal Airazor. She says if I do not host these pages for her, she will evicerate me and take away my Horde of Mindless Drones. That would make me very sad, as well as somewhat dead. So here are her pages. She says to give you the following message: WINGS UP!!!

The Adventures of General Scavenger
My human companion's compendium of my more recent adventures.

General Scavenger Bullies Botcon 2005

General Scavenger: The American Diaries
I am far more worldly and well-travelled than YOU are, puny human reader. HAW HAW!

Report from Oh Tee Eff See-See 2004!
Sea beasts, Autobot temptresses, Mexican food, and my victory over the mightiest warriors of Cybertron and Earth!

General Scavenger vs the Almighty Mini-Cons!

Report from OTTF -- OTFT -- OTTFFCC 2003
In July 2003, I once again ventured forth to high adventure and mighty conquest. Witness my hard-fought victory over the Autobot Overload, my conquest of an alien species, and my enslavement of a race of mighty beasts!

General Scavenger Meets the Veritechs
It's all LIES! Lies and propoganda spread by that nefarious human companion of mine! Don't believe a word of it!!

My BotCon Report
In July 2002, I gathered my Horde of Mindless Drones and travelled to this meeting of thousands of Transformers from across the planet! See the true story of my recruitment drive!

My Travels Off-world
Not long after my Earthly travels, an unfortunate altercation with Airazor landed me on a distant planet. Here's the proof!

My Travels on Earth
In late January 2002, Earth date, I was forcibly removed from my comfortable home and from my Horde of Mindless Drones, and forced to travel across the planet. I took it as an opportunity to conquer and plunder many distant lands in the name of Megatron! Behold my mighty feats of conquest in places like:

  • Paris, France:
  • Chateau de Versailles, France
  • London, England
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Cordoba, Spain
  • Seville, Spain
  • Lyon, France
  • Venice, Italy
  • Pisa, Italy
  • Florence, Italy
  • Rome, Italy

    The Horde of Mindless Drones!
    Just another day of universal conquest
    Wrestling night!
    Ancestor worship
    Team photo
    Cybertron... the land of a thousand dances
    No place for individuals in this army!

    My Favorites

    Favorite Band or Musician: Metallica sings nice songs about killing humans.
    Favorite TV show: Ones with lots of dying humans.
    Favorite movie: The one where all the humans die.
    Favorite book: The one about the dead humans. Well, actually, I don't know how to read.
    Favorite sports team: There aren't any called the Dead Humans, are there?
    Favorite food: Dead or dying humans. Or energon.

    My Hobbies

    Destroying, smashing, tearing, rending, mashing, crushing, obliterating, demolishing, pulverizing, grinding, blowing up, incinerating, shooting, tearing down, razing, annihilating, and leaving a swath of desolation in my path. Also commanding hordes of mindless drones.

    Most Admired

    I really look up to the Boss, er, I mean, Megatron. Hes the man. He runs the show.

    Finally, here is a page belonging to my human companion.

    General Scavenger is a Transformer from the Beast Machines saga. His is possibly the greatest Transformer toy in the whole history of ever.