Rob's Pile of Transformers: Manic Ramblings and Delirious Ranting

Behold my collected babbling! Topics include shows, toys, and miscellaney.

Transformer Shows

All the reviews I've done are listed below by order of air date. Some are off-the-cuff reactions from right after the show aired; others are looks back at older shows. (The most thorough ones are from 1998 and later.)

Transformer Toys

As with the show reviews, my toy reviews have grown more systematic over the last year or so, but they're still essentially just collections of the random thoughts that come tumbling out whenever I get new Transformers.



And now, here's the rest of the story.
  • Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye: Armada, #1 (Feb 04)
  • Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye #1 (May 03)
  • Armada #18 (Dec. 03)
  • Armada #7 (Jan. 03)
  • Dreamwave G1 comic #2 (May 02)

    About Fanfic and Writing

  • Part One: Writing Well (April 99)
  • Part Two: Fanfic Cliches(April 99)
  • What Defines a Character? (Sep. 98)
  • Fandom

  • Acquisition, Possession, and Enjoyment (Feb 04), a long rant about some vague disatisfaction with the perpetual hunt for new toys.
  • OTFCC 2003 (Aug. 03)
    Five parts, with lots of photos.
  • BotCon 2002 (Aug. 02)
  • BotCon '99 - Warning, includes large images. (Aug. 99)
  • Standing Up for Beast Wars (Nov. 98)
  • BotCon '98 (Jun. 98)
  • BW Roolz! G1 Sux! (Mar. 98)
  • BW Sux! G1 Roolz! (Mar. 98)
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